Social Media In The Time of COVID-19

The shift from traditional marketing to digital has been happening for some time now, and the events of 2020 have only helped push this further ahead. It’s important (now more than ever) to turn your marketing focus towards social media platforms, as everyone is trying to stay connected amidst social distancing and quarantines. But how do you navigate this new normal and how much of the world’s current realities need to play into your strategy? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t black or white, it’s grey. Ish.


Don’t be silent

Moving forward with a “business as usual approach” and ignoring the current state of the world will seem unauthentic and robotic but turning your platform into a COVID response center is also not the answer. You should make sure you are acknowledging what consumers are facing and offering support. These are trying times and your community will appreciate anything you can do to make their lives a little easier. Right now, your marketing requires extra sensitivity and flexibility to keep up with the ever-changing social climate.



Be relevant but authentic

Is your warehouse closed or working at limited capacity because of the pandemic? If so, don’t be afraid to tell your community! Always treat your customers with honesty, compassion, empathy, and respect. You’re human too, and it’s important they feel that in your content. For most brands, it’s ok to make jokes about trying to make dinner and brush your kids’ teeth while on a conference call with your boss. What your followers need to know right now is that you’re all in the same boat, trying to make the best of a challenging situation.



Offer support

Ask your community how they are doing, leave them reminders to stay safe, ask them to engage with you – via story polls, DM’s, and on-page posts.
Show them you care, and make sure to be there for them when they do respond.



Leverage more user-generated content

With production studios closed and social distancing challenges, many of our clients have faced roadblocks producing new content. Get creative, there is great user-generated content available!

In today’s unusual marketing climate this offers an accessible and affordable source of authentic content, but if they aren’t an official influencer brand partner do make sure to request permission to repost someone’s original work. You’ll find the answer is almost always yes, and they will be excited to have their content shared too!



Be generous

It’s also a great time to practice kindness and earn good by extending your brand’s generosity in the form of giveaways. This is a powerful way to bring positivity amidst scary times. Bonus: it will bring a ton of engagement and visibility to your pages!



Be available

Don’t forget about community management. Be there for your community, as they are likely spending time on their devices and engaging with content more than ever before! Responding to your customers quickly and with kindness will go a long way.

And hey remember, hang in there… ça va bien aller! ?

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