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• Community Management
• Media Planning
• Paid Social and Digital Advertising
• YouTube Advertising
• Amazon Advertising

Success Story

Following the hugely successful launch of social and digital marketing support for the Fingerlings brand in 2017, CanspanBMG was awarded the social/digital portfolio for WowWee’s newest brand, UNTAMED in 2018. UNTAMED is an extension of the Fingerlings line, but with bigger, badder, and more ferocious creatures targeted to more adventurous kids.

While launching the UNTAMED brand, it was vital to capitalize on the success of the Fingerlings brand name, while tailoring digital strategies accordingly based on the new target market and brand tone.

The overall approach used was a combination of higher funnel marketing tactics on social media and lower funnel, conversion-based initiatives such as Amazon Advertising.

By utilizing the data from previous Fingerlings campaigns, CanspanBMG was able to identify and target potential UNTAMED buyers (through audience analysis, lookalike targeting, etc.). On YouTube, ad targeting strategies shifted to focus on YouTube channels with content geared more towards the new audience. These tactics combined with a very efficient Amazon spend helped result in 100% sell-through of UNTAMED Raptor & T-Rex characters on Amazon in the U.S. by Q4.

CanspanBMG was responsible for original content creation and development, community management, and paid digital advertising for the UNTAMED brand, which quickly rose to the top of all toy lists for 2018.

7 million+ North Americans 

300,000+ retailer clicks

3.5 Million+ video views

68,000+ social engagements

17 Million+ brand impressions

10 Million+ video views

70 Million+ brand impressions

110,000+ over >h4